A Small Effort Often Produces Great Results!

Northside Networking is designed to increase your business through…

  • Exchanging business referrals
  • Providing reliable “inside” information
  • Discussing market trends
  • Sharing business challenges, opportunities, and strategies
  • Energizing your motivation

At our meetings, members interact to enhance marketing efforts, cut advertising costs and grow their businesses. By understanding each member’s business, we add instant credibility to a referral.

Each Industry Is Offered Exclusivity!

At Northside Networking, we ensure we have a diverse representation of businesses across many industries so your business gets maximum exposure. For this reason, we only accept one member per industry at a time.

We are actively seeking members from industries not currently represented. Click here to view our current membership page and get involved.

Would you like more information on becoming a new member? Our New Member Information Package can answer all your questions and get you started. Click here to view our package.

Janet Ulrich